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Top 12 Best EDC Knives (2018 Buyers Guide)

You are welcome to the best EDC knives list, this is the good research knives out there with a price range almost everyone can afford, these Folding knives are very small and strong in steel material and can be used in a different aspect of lives.

If you are pro or newbie to pocket knives like this don’t worry I will work you through this and how to get the perfect one for your size. We all know only few can afford these fantastic pocket knives but we already get you the best affordable knives here.

Bellow is the Full best 12 EDC knives that you can buy now. Full product details included for you.

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NameTotal Length (inch)Blade Lenght (inch)Weight (ounces) 
VANTAGE PRO Folding Knife
6.34 inches2.63 inches2.29 ounces Check Price
Benchmade - 940 Knife Reverse Tanto7.87 inches3.40 inches2.43 ounces Check Price
Kershaw Cryo G10 Stainless Steel Blade 6.49 inches2.75 inches3.70 ounces Check Price
Ganzo Folding Bowie Hunting Knife
8.25 inches3.75 inches4.1 ounces Check Price
Kershaw Cryo SpeedSafe Folding Knifee6.49 inches2.75 inches4.09 ounces Check Price
Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Knife8.28 inches3.43 inches0.8 ounces Check Price
Vantage Force Pro Folding Knife8.30 inches3.40 inches4.0 ounces Check Price
Zero Tolerance Flipper Titanium BlackWash Knife8.2 Inches3.50 inches5.8 ounces Check Price
Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC Folding Knife
8.2 Inches 3.5 Inches2.8 ounces Check Price
Opinel Carbon Everyday Carry Locking Pocket Knife8.9 inches3.5 inches1.8 ounces Check Price
Ontario Knife OKC Rat Ii Sp-Black Folding Knife7 inches2.75 inches3.0 ounces Check Price
Zero Tolerance Folding Pocket Knife G-107.6 inches3.25 inches6.4 ounces Check Price

VANTAGE PRO Folding Knife black

Bulk knives produce another great blade – The vantage pro folding knife was a great blade out there, very sharp and the blade delivers a great hardness, toughness, ductility, superb edge retention and also easy to put on anywhere in the body, in other to be used for any day by day activities.

This EDC pocket knife has a little steel hole that makes it very easy to open in-case you want to be in action very fast, there was 2 steel, the other is for the lock, a simple tap up it’s unlocked then you are good to go.

This bellied blade offers remarkable cutting ability with safe and secure grip (ergonomic grip made with injection molded reinforced nylon) weighing only 2.3 oz, built with two stainless steel liners for safety and durability.

The Vantage Series comes in two sizes with a removable, deep pocket carry clip that can be fixed to your bag, belt-stripe or your pocket.

Benchmade 940 Knife Reverse Tanto

Benchmade Knife Reverse TantoBenchmade style the world of pocket steel knife with their new 940BK Osborne black blade. This blade is fashion with green handle, high quality, well design, exceptionally strong, versatile, and very comfortable to use.

It offers quick accessibility with its reversible pocket clip plus it is lightweight, weighing just 2.44oz and longer than 8.62cm.

This knife is a genuine Benchmade steel rust resistant, pretty acute edge angle(25 degrees per side), perfect weight and size for EDC, smooth, fast and very sharp for both everyday and outdoor use.

940 is a strong knife with handle thickness of 11.18mm and a manual-opening action couple with AXIA mechanism.

The tanto blade is better and sleek than a poniard, stealth, and reliably made with 3D milled G10 Handles.

Kershaw Cryo G10 Stainless Steel Blade

Kershaw Cryo G10 Stainless Steel BladeKershaw is a knife producing company they are expert in producing a knife. Can you believe this, this knife has a stainless steel blade with a stone-wash finish feature and an excellent corrosion resistance.

The most interesting thing about the Kershaw Cryo G-10 Knife is the Lightweight handle construction with a stylish G-10 front and a stonewashed stainless steel back, for comfortable in-hand and sturdy grip. Also, this product is that it is very suitable for camping, backpacking, gardening, hiking, hunting and general everyday use.

As we all know, most of the knives are liable to be carried all about you can put this in your pocket, purses, bag, backpacks, jackets, on belts and also on the neck with a pre-drilled lanyard hole. Guess what… The knife has a 4-positing deep carry pocket clip.

The G-10-handled Cryo is well equipped with a Speed-safe assisted opening for smooth and easy one-handed opening. Access it with the built-in flipper or thumb stud. The flipper can be used to open knife. The Speed Safe assists you to open the knife easily with a manual push on the thumb stud.

The stonewashed finish on this knife is beautiful and the G10 scale on the one side makes the knife a little more interesting to look at and lighter as well. A friend of mine who use this product said “ I bought the G10 model as a replacement for my first generation 1555Ti which I thought I had lost. I found the old one after I placed the order but before the G10 version arrived. I am happy I misplaced my first Cryo.”

Ganzo Folding Bowie Hunting Knife

Ganzo Folding Bowie Hunting KnifeGuess what? This Knife in mainly for Hunting and liable to enter your pocket for you to carry everywhere. Before I proceed Ganzo is a constant and a trusted knives producer company. The G7533 model has G-Lock – convenient mechanize, which provides high reliability of blade fixing and therefore increases the security in knife using.

These knives are made in China but are surprisingly very well crafted and of good quality. Great 440 SS blade, good heavy weight and I like that the clip is on the bottom of the handle, rather than at the top. Also, the ambidextrous slide-lock is much better than a liner-lock.

G7533 knife represents a comfortable folding model for tourism, outdoor and traveling. Thanks to the compactness this knife can be with you everywhere, you just have to put it in your pocket or bag even on purses. The blade of the G7533 knife is made of 440C alloy, which is stainless steel. This material is considered the best because of its resistance to corrosion combined with hardness 58HRC.

Check this out someone talks about this product he said”This is the second Ganzo I’ve purchased. They are just getting better and better. This one has skeletonized liners to reduce the weight a bit. The blade is perfectly centered in the handle and it arrived shaving sharp. Great work Ganzo!”

This product “Ganzo G7533” will be added with “Ganzo G7533-CF Folding Bowie Hunting Pocket EDC Handle Knife”.

Kershaw Cryo Speed Safe Folding Knife

Kershaw Cryo Speed Safe Folding KnifeThe Kershaw 1555TI knife is different from the Kershaw Cryo G-10 because of the Superb Speed Safe.

As I said earlier Kershaw is a specified company for manufacturing tools that knife users would be proud to own, carry and use. That means the Kershaw 1555TI Speed Safe knife will be of a high-quality product.

The special thing about this product is Speed Safe Assist you to open the Cryo quickly and easily. To open, just push outward on the thumb stud or pull back on the flipper, keeping fingers safely out of the way that’s all. The Frame lock Locks the blade safely open during use. Prevents the blade from accidentally closing while you’re using the knife to avoid cutting the knife.

As for the Kershaw 1555TI and Kershaw, Cryo G-10 has the same feature as for the 4-Position Pocket-clip which Lets you position the pocket-clip for tip-up or tip-down, left-handed or right-handed carry.

Talking about everyday knife this is one the best, you will definitely love it, this is not for babies it’s for advance guys.

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge KnifeThis g-10 has a narrow grip position and wider at the pommel for fatigue, also has slip resistant for handling, it’s in a 4-way clip and nested compression lock.

The Para Military gives a great performance and reliability of Spyderco’s acclaimed Military model in a more advanced package. 2/3 the size of the original Military, it boasts a flat-ground CPM-S30V blade with an easily indexed 14mm Spyderco Round Hole for gloved or large hands.

Its handle consists of stainless steel liners nested into textured black G-10 scales. This Para Military’s black DLC-coated blades lock open by means of Spyderco’s proprietary Compression Lock–one of the strongest folding knife locks ever produced.

Ergonomic curves in the handle profile lock the user’s hand securely in place, providing superior control and preventing slippage. A black steel pocket clip supports convenient to carry and immediate accessibility, positioning the knife for right-hand, tip-down carry.

It will be a great change if you can get this for sure.

Vantage Force Pro Folding Knife

Vantage Force Pro Folding Knife whiteThis knife is well made with a thick liner lock that is rock solid. The G10 handle feels excellent in the hand and the handle length isn’t short and hard to grasp like some of the other EDC knives I’ve had. The blade is 3″ (give or take a 16th of an inch) making it legal for carrying in states, such as Michigan, that limit the length of a carry knife and the blade is actually quite thick in comparison to the others I’ve owned (about 1/8″ thick).

I don’t seem to have any issues opening it with either the thumb hole or the flipper as the other reviewers have had, even from the left hand. My hands are quite large too so I’m not sure what their problem is.

The only thing I really need is a sharper edge, my expectation was that this tool should have a more sharp edge has the price is a bit more than others.

Nevertheless its still great when used.

Zero Tolerance Flipper Titanium Black-wash Knife

Zero Tolerance Flipper Titanium BlackWash KnifeThis Zero Tolerance 801 is way smoother Easier to open than any other knife I have owned, here are some of the great features that was this product – Strong thick slabs of Titanium comprise the handle, Reeve Integral Lock (frame lock), Thick Elmax steel blade received razor sharp, 3 pillar spine construction, Deep Carry pocket clip, Inconspicuous Black-wash finish, 3D machining on Titanium Scales, Extremely Smooth KVT Ball bearing system, Flipper action, Stainless Spacer in the R.I.L to prevent Titanium wear-down, No play side/side, up/down, Durable saber grind with upper spine tip swedge.

There are some other areas that need working on from them likewise, such as- it as no spine jimping, its also a bit heavy.

You can get this also likewise based on your choice and the area you will need it.

Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC Folding Knife

Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC Folding KnifeTalking of a long-lasting EDC knife Razor is very great, this knife is literally razor sharp, the edge will wear down quickly with common use. This is expected with disposable razor cartridges. when used to cut liquids that dry sticky, like an orange or blood, the blade needs to be removed and thoroughly rinsed to avoid gluing the blade in place.

The blades are thick enough to field dress an animal but thin enough to do detail cuts. I have a Havalon skinning knife and the most noticeable difference is the Razor-Lite fits more comfortable and the blade is thicker and it is easier to remove and install.

The blades are very easy to replace if you think of changing them and also the sharpness is also great.

Every hunter that needs going out with a very good tool must get this.

Opinel Carbon Steel Folding every day Carry Pocket Knife

Opinel Carbon Everyday Carry Locking Pocket KnifePocket Knife is essential to day to day activity of most people, that is why Opinel created a Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife.

The classic folding knife is a design icon. Simple and beautiful, sharp and durable, the Carbon folding knife is an international bestseller. Keep it on your desk for workday lunches.

The Opinel carbon steel is hard, it makes the cutting quality to be excellent and a good wear resistance and easy regrinding.  It is advised that you avoid damp locations and wipe and grease the blade after use. Each blade is stamped with the “Crowned Hand” mark.

The Raw material and the colors might vary from one collection to another, but its style remains deeply steeped. This timeless knife is for people who enjoy the outdoors and is a must-have tool for professional or amateur handymen. Why? Because it is easy to use. It is used everywhere from the garden to the table, a knife that is given as a gift and passed down to loved ones.

Ontario Knife OKC Rat Ii Sp-Black Folding Knife

Ontario Knife OKC Rat Ii Sp-Black Folding KnifeYou can agree with me that having a pocket makes you feel relax when you are in a game reserved area or outdoor. Ontario is one of a skilled company who created a Pocket folding knife, which is 7 inches I think that is not too long.

Let’s talk about what someone says about this product “I bought this as a replacement for a RAT 1 knife I gave away to a friend. The RAT 1 was well made, but a little big for everyday pocket carry. This one is perfect, excellent edge retention for moderate daily use, great size, and weight. The fit and finish are awesome and the price can’t be beaten for a knife of this quality.”

That means the knife is very durable and convenient to use. This stays in my pocket more than any of the others due to solid lock-up, good steel, lightweight, small size, and comfortable ergonomics.

Zero Tolerance Folding Pocket Knife G-10

Zero Tolerance Folding Pocket Knife G-10Can you believe there is a stainless steel knife which makes the recurve blade extremely durable that is the work of Zero Tolerance 0350 folding pocket knife The G-10 Folder 0350 is versatile and powerful created durably for razor-sharp cutting? With a compact precision blade, the 0350 is the perfect EDC for any outdoor activity, delicate and accurate cutting or household task.

Zero Tolerance company is a knife producing company, they are expert in producing tools related to the blade which will be useful for your day to day activity.

The Stainless steel has a high performance and premium quality S350V stainless steel makes the recurve blade extremely durable, corrosion resistant and wears resistant. Also, it has a  blade coating and black G-10 handle scales cleanly pair together for a sleek, smooth, aggressive knife.

The blade is paired with black G-10 scales for a secure grip and excellent mechanical strength under the roughest conditions. The quad-mount pocket clip is convenient for left or right handed, tip-up or tip-down carry. Also, the liner locking system prevents the blade from closing during use and provides a secure way to safely hold the knife.


Now you have the full list of the products, we will appreciate your feedback then what you experience far from them.

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