Stick the GEMINI speakers anywhere and experience true wireless stereo sound

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers out there, so something needs to stand out if we are going to pay attention to an up-and-coming manufacturer. For the GEMINI speakers, that highlight is its form

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GEMINI offers a truly wireless audio experience. The system consists of two individual speakers that act simultaneously to create a stereo effect. These units are untethered and stick to any magnetic surface, making it easy to carry the speakers around, place them in your fridge or attach them to a metallic fence. The company will be selling a series of accessories, including armbands, bike mounts and more, so there will be plenty of places to stick the speakers above.

While these things look tiny, they should not be mistaken for low-quality speakers. The team claims they pack quite the punch, thanks to the 33 mm full-range NdFeB strong magnet and aluminium cone, which is said to create a 360-degree sound effect. And with an 8-hour battery life, this set of speakers will keep you entertained for a while.

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