How To Set up Kodi Subtitles(BEST SUBTITLES)

how to add subtitles to kodi

This article will show you the steps on how to add subtitles to Kodi by using

There are times when someone may want to see subtitles within a different language. Once you learn how to add subtitles to Kodi, you can easily take care of this problem.

We will be using a free Kodi addon called in this tutorial. It is the most popular subtitle service and provides the best results when adding subtitles to Kodi.

1. On the Kodi’s home screen, go to Settings -> Player settings -> Language. You can select separate subtitle services for movies and TV shows. You will also see the other subtitles settings.


2. Pick the languages you want to get when searching for subtitles. For the time being there is no way of selecting order (or main language for that matter) so the search results will be shown in whatever order your service of choice (we’ll come to that) decides it fits

3. You can download extra services or select from the default Service for TV Episodes and Movies.

kodi setup

4. You can pick the default service to use. You can press the Get more button to download additional services if the list is still empty.

5. You will see the available list of subtitle services to download. Simply click on it to install the currently selected. If no subtitle services show up in this list you need to check whether your Internet connection is (still) working.

6. You can select the default one to use after you have installed several services.

7. Each subtitles module can have additional settings. To change this settings, you need to go to each service options through.

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