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SCAM - Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? review

For us to determine if a website is legit or not, we need to check some necessary information about the site and what people who have to give trial on it says about it.

There are tons and tons of people joining this site, here are few things to check.

  1. HTTPS in the address bar- it means the website is secure, although it doesn’t mean the site is legit, it only says it’s fair. But as for this sample – it has no https

2. Twitter

3. social media: This includes the site’s pages on FB, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media what are they doing inside, is their post related to the website?, as for this their content is entirely off the grid, and the user is doing different things, which is Bitcoin.

4. Reviews: check what Google and other social media have to say about the website when you add the word “scam” or “review” to the site you plan to work in.

When we did the same for the sample using this “ review” The result we have is not encouraging, especially user from, They are requesting for payment proof which no one could provide up-till now.

We continue the analysis to, and the result is 20/100 legit, that’s below average, and it’s not advisable to take the risk on nothing.

This is the little update we have on this for now since no one can come out with a successful withdraw screenshot on this platform then, i will advise you all to put all your effort into something that will work not just a lame site that someone like you create with a copy script online.

Are we all looking for an another way to make money online right?

That’s why we created this website if you plan to join this team kindly comment in the comment section and we will plan on helping each discussed user individually.

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