How to Report a Whole Facebook Group

Facebook is a great tool, but it isn’t without its issues. Anyone can create a Facebook Group for any purpose. While lots of sports teams and clubs use Groups to organize things, there are also Groups that are used to coordinate abuse, sell illegal substances, and generally just violate Facebook’s Terms of Service. If you find one, here’s how to report it to Facebook.

Head to the offending Group and click on the three dots. You don’t need to be a member to see them.

From the drop-down, select Report Group.

Select the reason you’re reporting the Group and click Continue.

Facebook will offer you a range of possible actions. To place a report, select Submit to Facebook for Review.

On mobile, the process is similar. Visit the group. If you are a member tap Info and then Report Group.


If you are not a member, tap View Group Info and then Report Group.


You should only report a Group if the whole thing is breaking Facebook’s Terms of Service. If there are just one or two posts, you can report them individually instead.

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