How to Stop and Restart Applications On Your Synology NAS

Like desktop applications just, the application deals on your Synology NAS need an intermittent restart-but unlike desktop applications, it’s just a little less clear about how you need to do so. Let’s dive into the why, when, and exactly how of restarting software packages.

Unlike the applications that you open up and close with frequency on your pc, application deals on your Synology NAS are more comparable to server services than desktop apps, and it’s better to leave them operating at all times unless you involve some pressing need to turn them off carefully. Here are some examples of occasions when you might desire to stop and restart a credit card application bundle:

  • A credit card application package deal is malfunctioning for some reason. Restarting it can be an appropriate troubleshooting action.
  • A credit card application deal is resourced deep and infrequently used. Preventing it during long spells of disuse can be an appropriate action.
  • An application bundle reads or creates to a disk you’re troubleshooting. Temporarily blocking it to avoid pressure on the hard drive(s) can be an appropriate action.

In most cases, however, you’ll get the most power out of your Synology NAS if you leave all of your installed packages working. An always-on home server loses a great deal of its effectiveness if you want to go manually start the backup, picture, or music services, in the end.

To avoid and restart any or all your installed packages just demand web-based interface of your Synology NAS and choose the shortcut for the Bundle Middle (either on the desktop or within the entire application menu, accessible from the menu button at the top toolbar).

Within the Bundle Manager, select the application you wish to start only, stop, or restart from the set of installed applications, as seen below. For the tutorial, selecting “Download Station” were. Note that the primary entry for the application form package shows that the packaging happens to be running.

In the detailed view, choose the “Action” drop-down menu under the application package’s icon, as seen below.

Here, if the application form package is operating, you can choose “Stop” to avoid it.

You’ll be prompted to verify you want to avoid the bundle. Confirm by clicking “Yes.”

You’ll visit a short computer animation as the bundle is stopped, and the position in the column under the drop-down menu will change from “Operating” to “Stopped.” If you’re turning off the bundle for an extended period of your time, you’re done. If you’re restarting it to, hopefully, kick a ghost from the machine and get things running well again, click on the drop-down menu once more and select “Run” to begin the package again.

Although your trips into the package manager to avoid and restart applications will be infrequent-in, we go through the NAS, and the application form packages are extremely stable-now you understand the right path around and can play when essential to provide a malfunctioning package just a little nudge.

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