How to Block Spammy Text Messages on an iPhone Devices

Spammy text messages blocked simple method

iOS 11 provides a new SMS filtering feature which allows you to automatically filtration system spam texts in the Communications app. It works much like the call-blocking feature added in iOS 10. Once activated, you’ll have two tabs in your Text messages app-one for real communications and one for “SMS Rubbish.”

How It Work’s (and What You Need to Know About Privacy)


Like call blocking, this feature requires you install a third-party application to do the filtering for you. When you install an app and present it authorization to filtration system your texts, your iPhone will send some text messages to the application for filtering. Individually, when you obtain an SMS méssage, your iPhone will carry the sénder’s contact number or email and the material of this SMS message tó the service. Howéver, your iPhone won’t send your contact number or email along with it.

If you receive án SMS message fróm a pérson in your cóntacts or from lots you’ve replied to at least 3 x, it won’t be delivered to the filtering service, and you will be automatically trusted. Therefore the service received see all the text messages you obtain.

The application can choose to process SMS messages entirely on your iPhone, but additionally, it may pass these to an internet service for scanning. This allows apps to investigate the items of texts and proactively prevent new spammers predicated on message content rather than blocking communications from a summary of phone numbers.

The designers of Hiya, óur recommended an app, sáy that ány SMS text messages delivered to Hiya for filtering are sent anonymously to Hiyá’s servers whére they’re markéd nearly as good or junk. Hiya says it does not store the material of the communications it receives. However, if the fact that a few of your texts may be delivered to an internet service for filtering bothers you, yóu shouldn’t allow this feature.

How to Enable SMS Filtering

Some third-party applications can perform the SMS filtering, but we like Hiya. Hiya had been well known for call-blocking with an iPhone, and Hiya 4 now.0 can also filtration system SMS messages.

To allow this feature, install Hiya, then navigaté to Settings > Communications > Unfamiliar & Spam and allow the “Hiya” óption under SMS filtering. You will notice a caution about the personal privacy issues involved with enabling this feature, which we described above.

If you opt to install anothér SMS filtering ápp, you’ll view it as a choice on this display instead.


Now done you’re. When you open the Messages application once again, you’ll see your text messages are filtered intó two tabs: oné for “iMéssage & SMS,” and oné for “SMS Rubbish.” You won’t receive notifications when communications arrive and are placed into the “SMS Rubbish” tabs, although you cán still go faucet the tab and appearance through the text messages to verify no real communications were noticeable as junk if you want.


How to Filter Unknown i-Message Senders

You can also choose to filter out messages from every unknown sender in iMessage. On the Settings > Messages > Unknown & Spam screen, enable the “Filter Unknown Senders” option. Once you do, you’ll have two tabs in Messages: One for “Contacts & SMS” and one for “Unknown & Junk.”…

This particular options will only filter out all messages from unknown sender if they were sent via Apple i-Message. SMS messages from phone numbers you’ve never contacted before will still be placed in the main tab.


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