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How To block Ads On Google Chrome Browser

In the next Two minute, you will be able to block all crippy ads on your  Google Chrome. With this article, I will tell you about just ‘2’ Google Chrome extensions that can be used to block all advertisements. The extensions are effortless to use and won’t make your browser slow in anyways.  

Are you tired of annoying show up when you visit a website page? Are you always redirected when you try to start a website on your Google chrome browser? So many people believe that the redirects and pop-ups are strong indications of virus or some malware. Well, yes. A pop-up or redirect might befall on a browser due to infection or malware, but most times that’s not the case.

Before I tell you how to tackle Ads on Google Chrome, I want to make something cleared. Personally, I think Ads are fabulous. Why? Well, most sites you visit give you free information without making a dime from you and with Ads, site owners make money and keep their active websites up and running for you.

A predicted percentage of about 70% of websites you visits make their money through advertising. So we can say that Ads are good. Presently, the issue is that website owners grow too money cautious and forget about their guests or users experience. Ads get in the way; users are seldom tricked to click Ads and so on.

Like I said earlier, ads are good, but when website owners want to increase their ”click-through rate” so severely, they insert ads at annoying places, not minding user experiences. When websites owners start doing this, they leave their visitors with two options.

  • Never Come Back
  • Block ads from showing on their browser.


This post is dedicated to teaching you exact way to block Ads on Google Chrome. Believe me when I say that after reading this article and applying all its techniques, you will never see those annoying ads again or experience redirects again.

You may realize that after using these extensions, individual pages will still show pop up’s. The pop up’s on site like this might not be advertisements, this may be a call to action that the website master has put on their site to produce sales or income from you subscribing.

How To Perfectly block Ads on Google Chrome Permanently

I will show you two extensions for Adblock on Google Chrome that can be used to prevent Ads from showing on your browser permanently. Let’s begin.

Method 1

Using Fair Adblocker

I decided to give you what I use to block Ads on my Google Chrome browser. With over 75,000+ downloads and reviews, fair Adblocker works like magic. It prevents Google Ads, Ads, info links and other Ad networks from showing on your browser. Here is how to use it.

1.Open your Chrome Browser on PC
2.Select the menu button, more tools, and open Extensions.

block ads on google chrome

3. Scroll further down and click on ”get more extensions.”

block ads on google chrome

4.Find fair adblocker.”

block ads on google chrome

5.Selectadd to chrome.”

block ads on google chrome


6.Open ”Add extension.”

block ads on google chrome

If you followed the footsteps correctly, Fair Ad blocker will be installed in your Chrome browser and will begin running automatic.No tweaking or set up Required.

Second Method

Using Adblock

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Adblock is another Google Chrome extension used by lot of users. As the name implies ”Adblock,” it’s work is easy, block advertisements. With this Extension on your Chrome, you won’t have to bother about Ads anymore or annoying pop-ups.

The steps to connecting Adblock is the same as that of Fair Adblock.

Just click on the Google Chrome menu button, select more tools and extensions, click on get more extensions, Find for Adblock and finally add to chrome.

Once added to Google Chrome and activated, Adblock will auto begin its job and block all Ads on Google Chrome. Adblock have a lot of tweaks and settings that work in different methods and for various requirements. Just move into the settings and tweak the settings to your taste.

And that’s a cape. I bet you will have no issues Regarding blocking Ads on Google Chrome. This post contains some of the best Google Chrome extensions that are designed to stop advertisements. If after using this extension on Google Chrome you still notice annoying Ads don’t panic. Restart the pc and clear your cache


Faq and answer

Q: Can I unblock Ads anytime I want to?

A: Yes, just head over to the settings and do it as desired or disable the plugin till anytime you want to block Ads again.

Q: I have installed the two extensions and Ads are still showing.

A: This is nearly impossible, but if for some annoying reason you are faced with this issue, the reason might be a virus or malware. You can use a paid Antivirus to scan for viruses.

Q: Can I use the extension on UC browser too?

A: The extensions can be used on Google Chrome and also UC browser too.

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