Best Coworking Space For all Citizens (Full Verified List)

This is the largest collection of coworking space guide and list on the planet.

You will agree with me that finding a good and profitable coworking space is not that easy of nowadays.

Here is the Best part:

All of the Coworking space in this guide is 100% OK and well Analysed.

So if you are planning to get a place to work all in the united state, check out the new guide.

Don’t worry if you aren’t U.S based, will have something for you as well bellow.

Firstly Let’s discuss:

The Pros and Cons of Coworking Spaces

Am only going to brief each point, but believe this: – Every point in this post was based on experience, so let dive in.


  • Job Opportunities: Already formed companies don’t always occupy These coworking spaces. A lot and lots of individuals use these spaces to do their everyday work.


  • Advanced Creativity: By being a part of work, you can contact different business entrepreneurs to get their recommendation. As a rule, they will have encountered a comparable issue and may offer an imaginative arrangement or down to earth suggestions.
  • Low Cost: If you are lucky enough to plan on your personal company then there are some present company tools access and material you can benefit from in the process, which would have cost you some extra cash.

The Pros and Cons of Coworking Spaces.


  • Conflicts: This is not your company Or is? So it’s okay to have one or two misunderstanding, you are working with a group of experts everyone is right in each criterion, so it will be ok to always work along with the team and always find a way of settling issues.
  • Competition: In your co-working space you may find yourself a competitor, Hey- don’t worry or scared, just stay focus and be determined with your goal. And if luckily If you’re both TALENTED and have similar goals, maybe the best way forward is to put your heads together, And that’s going to be boom 🙂 is it?.
  • Startup Cost: It’s certain that the price may be somehow lower to having personal company, but it’s still somehow pricey based on each user’s location, And also you have to think of some other expenses cost that you need in setting up the zone.

Coworking space PhiladelphiaHere we list some great coworking space Philadelphia, we all know companies expand retail prices, and the only best way is by coworking space for a small team or single organization for a simple startup budget.coworking space philadephia


Coworking Space ChicagoWe all know Chicago is very wide its no more a news, As at 2015 research shows that there is over 150+ coworking space in Chicago, its many now, but we are listing the best out just for you. Kindly go thru them and show some appreciation.Coworking Space chicago


Los Angeles Coworking Space: Note: all prices are based on basic membership costs, and it’s been a while so you can check their website added to see more about them. Los Angeles is one of the coolest places to do a coworking … we will prefer your views 🙂Los angeles


Austin Coworking SpaceTake a look through our best Austin coworking spots, each offering a unique take on the coworking trend.This list has been scraped online for our benefit so kindly check them one by one and if you have any you think we can add to the list you can drop it in the comment box…. Much love to You all in Austin  🙂austin coworking space

Images provided by company websites.

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