BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility software will support iOS 11 on launch day

As Apple prepares to release iOS 11 to the masses, those who worth with Apple services must also be made, and that certainly includes BlackBerry. As announced on the Inside BlackBerry blog, when Apple does make iOS 11 official, BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Dynamics, and all BlackBerry productivity apps such as BlackBerry Work will be ready with iOS 11 compatibility.

In September, Apple will release iOS 11, the next generation of its mobile operating system. As with any major update, iOS 11 will present challenges that IT will have to overcome to support mobile workers on the new OS and ensure your business apps are compatible and your data is secure.

The good news is that the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite is already prepared for Apple’s update, and we’ve made it easy for your IT department to support iOS 11’s end user enhancements and enterprise capabilities. Our essential BlackBerry apps will be updated and available in the App Store the moment iOS 11 goes live. And our portfolio goes beyond basic MDM, enabling a layered approach to mobility that helps meet the most demanding security requirements, all from a single console in BlackBerry UEM.

On day zero, we will support iOS 11 with our world class containerization, productive app-specific policies, superior file security, enterprise-class productivity, and our diverse, flexible solutions portfolio, highlighting our leadership in enterprise mobility. We are making our entire collection ready at launch, as we continue to deliver real data security and productivity for iOS users both inside and outside the enterprise perimeter.

To help IT Admins prepare for iOS 11’s launch, BlackBerry will be hosting a “How iOS 11 Will Impact Your Mobility Strategy” webinar on Thursday, August 24 at 1:00 PM EST.

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