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9 Travelling Southeast Asia Tips You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip to South Asia? Be ready to explore many new things, beautiful temples, delicious street food and meet amicable local people. This place is safe, cheap and secure to travel. The climate is also favourable tropical climate.
Before planning your trip, you have to get a bright idea of what it is like travelling in South Asia. It will help you to make your journey smoother. Here are some top tips you need to know before planning your trip to South Asia.

1. Always carry cash with you
While travelling in South Asia still take money. Most of the shops don’t accept cards. Sometimes you have to pay an extra processing fee of 3% for using a card. You can carry local currency or US Dollar. They accept US dollar in most of the places or else you can exchange it for a reasonable rate.

2. Bus is not a faster travelling option
If you want to save money on travelling, you can choose public buses. But most of the coaches leave only when they are jam-packed. Also, expect a more extended journey because all buses take an extra hour than scheduled time to reach the destination. So expect to get delayed. But coaches are the best option to enjoy the local scenery and know more about the countryside. Also, they are faster than old fashioned train and even economical too.

3. Don’t drink tap water
Always carry bottled water with you while travelling. Don’t use tap water to drink also; you can’t even use this water wash your mouth. Too, don’t eat fruits and vegetables soaked in local tap water. One best option is to carry an environment-friendly water purification tablets with you, which will help you to avoid more problems.

4. Pay for using toilets
Most of the showers are the short type. You can hardly find western type toilets, and always you have to pay for using bathrooms. To use public restrooms you have to pay a minimal charge in cash. So still carry some money with you. Also, it is better to take a hand sanitizer with you because public toilets are awful sometimes.

5. Be prepared to get sweaty
South Asian weather is hot and humid so you will get sweaty. So it is better to use light cotton cloths while travelling. Carry comfortable summer wears while travelling in South Asia. Also, carry your hat and sunscreen with you to escape from the sun.

6. No traffic discipline
Drivers’ drives through any side and be prepared to wait for a long time to cross the road. Nobody obeys traffic rules and follows traffic signals.

7. Follow Dress code
While visiting temples, you have to take off your shoes. Also, you need to wear long trousers or skirt which cover your knees and cover your shoulders with a shawl or something.

8. Taxi meters are fast
If you are travelling in a taxi, you will see the meter running fast. It is better to ask the charge before starting the trip. They may cheat you by choosing long ways to get a good idea of places and routes using maps.

9. Be ready to taste delicious street foods
You can try mouth-watering street foods and also they are cheap too. You will get a menu with the picture of the food. This will help you get an idea of food type. Even, only eat food from the shop that cooks instantly in front of you. Don’t drink any juices from here because they may use local tap water in it. Always carry tablets with you to cop up with stomach problems

So these are some useful tips that may help you while exploring South Asia. Enjoy your adventurous and fun filling trip and explore cultural diversity and beautiful places Of South Asia. Don’t wait to book tours of Vietnam to explore whole Country.

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