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Router's IP Adderess

In this article, we will talk about how to work with is one of the most popular IP address used by routers. It is a private IP address that can be assigned to any local network device. It can also be designated as the default IP address for a few router models.

The address can be manually assigned to any device on a local network that is configured to use this address range. This implies that it can be attached to a laptop, smart TV, phone, desktop computer, tablet, Chromecast, etc. could also be used as the default address for routers, meaning that it is the built-in IP address that the device uses when it’s first shipped out from the manufacturer.

How to login in administration panel

Administrators can log in to a router at this IP address by accessing it like any other URL. In a web browser, the following address can be opened in the navigation bar:

Opening the above address in the web browser to prompt for the router’s admin password and username.

Administrators can easily change a router’s IP address from some other default or customs number to Some might choose to make this change so that it’s easier to remember the address for logging in to the router, but there otherwise is no particular benefit to using over any other IP address.

Note: Most routers do not use as their default IP address but instead employ,,, or as a Client IP Address

An administrator can choose as an IP to assign to any device on a local network, not just to the router. This can be done dynamically via DHCP or manually to form a static IP address.

If you want to use DHCP, the router must be configured to include in the range (pool) of addresses that it allocates. If a router starts its DHCP range at, tens of thousands of addresses exist in the field with lower numbers, making it highly unlikely that ever gets used. Administrators more commonly assign to be the first address in the DHCP range so that not only will be used but also,, etc.

With manual, static IP address assignment, the router’s network mask must be set up correctly to supports the IP address. See our explanation of subnet masks for more information.

Did You Forget Your IP Address? Here is the solution

Every one of us can forget router’s IP address. It’s necessary to don’t panic in this case – manufacturers developed ways of finding out it:

  • Returning router’s IP address by checking it
  • Returning router’s IP address by RESETTING method. To do it, you need to find reset button, press and hold it for about 30 seconds

Notice: Resetting of your router will return your settings to factory defaults. It means that all changes that you have done will be cleared. IP address would be changed back to too, so you can use it when you want to enter the administration panel by using default “admin” password and username.

Notice: You mustn’t reset your router if there are no problems, which can be solved by this method. Don’t forget that all changes would be cleared!

3) After these steps, a login gateway should appear, where you should enter your identification information (username and password). Default identification data should be both “admin.”

Notice: If your username and password do not default, type changed version. If you forget them, you can use RESET method which was described in the notice above the third step.


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